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About US

MEE is Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) Company in the Oil & Gas, Industrial and commercial fields, Registered as a limited liability company in Iraq and obtain a classification of first class construction company by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning. MEE was incorporated in 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq according to the Iraqi laws.



MEE started in 2005 with one man, as a general construction company doing services to construct roads, commercial buildings and water and waste water treatments and networking.
The main steady stream projects and contracts started with US Army Corps of Engineers, United Nations and Iraqi Government.
By 2008, MEE had gown to 650 predominately Iraqi employees and $68 million in projects. MEE by this year was recognized by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning as First Class Company.
In 2009, MEE started to enter the Oil & Gas field starting by light oil storage projects.
By 2011, MEE strongly got engaged to the Oil & Gas business by performing the first EPCC in Garraf Oil field working under Petronas standards and regulations investing the deep know of the Iraqi market and challenges to be faced.
MEE successfully improved its self, its employyes and its capabilities to be a strong partner with the international community in the re-construction of Iraq in several fields and as majority, the Oil & Gas field.

Our Mission

To be a leading EPCC company in the world by investing in the globe expertise to develop the Iraqi people capabilities in industry and enviromental awareness.

Our Vission

Our aim is to become the most trusted Iraqi service provider in the Oil & Gas industry.

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